(written: July 28, 2007)

These days are just not the same as the others–although I wish they were. I wish everyday is like one sunny afternoon at the beach—no disappointments, no pain, no insecurities. I want to stare blankly at the sea and be blinded by the sun until I could no longer open my eyes.

I want to let my eyes close for a long time and just feel the wind, hear the sound of the birds and the sea. I want to lay in the sand and fall asleep without caring for the world or for anything else but myself. I want time, space, a special place just for myself. 

For a day, even for just a day—I want to be free from every responsibility, from guilt, from worries. I want to think solely about myself and my happiness without feeling guilty—then I can come back to them and to the world—whole and not wounded.