(written: March 31, 2007)

Why do we stay in a job that can never make us happy?

Why did we choose to stay here when every day all we really wanted is to be free and get away from here?

Are we expecting that somehow, someday, someone will finally recognize us?

Aren’t we tired of trying? Aren’t we tired of waiting?

Aren’t we tired of expecting something that will never come?


Maybe we are but somewhere in the process of giving up and holding on we still chose the latter.

Because we don’t want to see ourselves being rejected or losing in the game

Because somehow, letting everything go and leaving all these things behind would make us feel like we didn’t try hard enough even though we already did.

Because we are hard on ourselves and in the end the only one we want to blame and doubt are ourselves.


I am tired.

We are tired.

 But why are we still here?