(written: September 15, 2005)

I don’t know how some people claim that Filipinos don’t have their own identity.  Clearly their minds are full of Western thoughts and Western ego!  They claim that the situation in the country is too bad yet they are not even doing anything about it.  They complain about staying in the country yet they never leave.  They complain about the politicians yet they vote for them.  If they got too many issues about the country why don’t they vote wisely or do something about it instead of just ranting about how bad it is to be a Filipino and to live here.

Of course, protesting on the streets is not the only option but haven’t they noticed that all the other options have been done and still being done.  There are ‘antis’ (for lack of a better and politically correct term) who have joined the government hoping that they could influence the system or push the changes that the majority of us need.  But they are outnumbered, most of the time defeated, because they lack machineries, influence and power.  But they are fighting!  Not just for themselves but for all of us. 

I know this sounds too familiar already, but let’s just think about it. They never proclaim that they are heroes or heroines and they are not hoping that people would think of them that way. These are people who don’t just think about what’s best for them but what’s best for all Filipinos.

I hate to hear people speak so badly of Filipinos and adore Westerners and they claim that they are smart because they claim that they see what’s wrong with the country.  I am not saying I haven’t complained about the situation of the country.  I have.  Many times.  But I always look for reasons.  Why these things are happening. 

People rally not because they want to enjoy and scream under the sun or cause traffic.  They are out there hoping that the government will hear their cries, or hoping at least to earn money for their families, they resort to this kind of action simply because it is the only thing that’s left to do. 

We are in dire need of change, these people cannot live another day without food, medicine, education and a descent house for their families.  Because these people don’t have time to relax and not think that tomorrow they would be selling their souls for food. 

I know we hate traffic, may it be a cause of rallies, narrow roads, poor traffic policies, etc.  But don’t blame these people who are only doing what they think is right and effective in order for YOU to live a comfortable life and really have the kind of government that serves the people. 

I adore them, the sacrifices that they make, the beautiful minds that they have.  Most of them may not have formal education but believe me most of them are intellectuals.  Their experiences are enough to teach them about life and how the system works.  I thanked them because they never gave up.  They never stopped when the rest of the country has already given up.  I thanked them because they are fighting the battle that I should be fighting with them.  I thanked them because they show me that there is still hope for the country.

I salute you!  All of you!  The Filipino blood thrives in all of you!  And you show me the identity that most of our fellow Filipinos claim we don’t have.