(written: Feb 10, 2011)

…And I picked myself up and started jotting down phrases buried in my chest. Surprisingly, I felt better. Today was good.  NO! Actually today was great. (I just realized this was a phrase in the job aid I wrote last night.) And just like what I tell others, it should be this way at all times. Not good. But GREAT!

Right after college, I thought my writing could only be inspired by rants, bad days at work and quarter-life crisis. So I started slowing down. I realized it wasn’t any different from cranky political commentaries or bad news report that I wanted to stay away from. So when was my last piece? –I couldn’t remember.

That’s how bad the situation was. There was really nothing great to write about. So that’s how bad my writing has turned out as well. I used to adore words, and keep them like my own precious jewels. But for a long time, they remained hidden in boxes until I felt they no longer deserve to be concealed.

And this day came; writing is no longer a therapy but an inspiration when words turn into rays of hope and of dreams that tomorrow will be great, or even greater!  No deadlines, no shortcuts so the words just came flowing in. (Notes, Feb 5)