(written: Feb 29, 2008)

I miss myself so much—my principles, my dreams, my youth, my heart, my future, MY DREAMS.

I’ve always dreamed of going to Spain, not really staying there for a long time but just enough time to meet fascinating people, see extravagant places and feel the invigorating culture. It seemed so far away, it seemed even impossible for me to realize this but I don’t want to believe on what seems now. I still want to feel that all this is possible. I want to move on with my life with the hope that I am heading towards a better future, a future with a happy heart.

I miss hearing my heart sing a happy song and as I go on with life, I just realize more and more each day that I do want someone to spend my days and my entire life with. At times, I feel like he is so far away, and fears that true love might come in late to change the song in my heart. But this is me so I need to be ideal and dreamy and hopelessly romantic. Because I have waited for so long and I know I am waiting for someone just about perfect for me. Really you are hearing that from me and that’s what I want to believe.

Believe that if I work harder on realizing what I want and have been dreaming of, it will come true. I am not wishing for the impossible, I am praying for what someone like me deserves most.

I don’t want wealth, I want contentment and comfort. I don’t need fame; I need self worth and confidence. I don’t ask for perfection, I ask for a well-balanced and happy life, life that I dream of, life that I am constantly working on to achieve.