(written: May 13, 2008)

There is certain irony in this world that sometimes hard to believe. I just met a UP graduate who at the same time is a Marcos Loyalist. I must say I have a bias when it comes to schools and I automatically like people who came from my university. So I liked her at first but then she started praising and adoring Marcos and his works and how a good leader he was. It was in a training entitled “Leadership Training for new supervisors,” and isn’t it ironic to bring up Marcos when this is the topic?

I don’t hate him and I don’t claim to know all that he had done in the country during Martial Law. But I guess I kind of live in the stories and memories of my professors. In their defense, this is far from brainwashing. I don’t know who can adore a person who caused too much pain, violence and hardship in people. Who can admire a person who caused the scar in a most beloved professor’s skull? I don’t need to know the entire story of the scar to understand what he went through during the Martial Law.

I love this person, along with the others who told good stories—not necessarily happy ones. But stories that I can learn from and stories that help me understand the world that I’m living in and how we live our lives today. I adore them like my heroes and I think their stories should be told everywhere instead of empty praises for a leader who inflicted pain the country.