(written: Jan 21, 2008)


I know exactly where I am. And I know that I am lost.

Tears came before words

Pain surfaced

And then Fear

And then Hate

And then Doubt

And then Emptiness

My mind is empty yet I can hear the noise

My eyes are dried yet blood was dripping from my bones

Where is the scar? Where is the pain?


I was running, chasing the future with blindfolds

Until I lost my way

Until I realized I wasn’t moving forward because the world is round

Because life is a cycle

Because most of the time while searching for the future

You find yourself lost again and again.

Because there are so many maps to follow and too many Allies to save.

I am lost and I know exactly where I am. I am in that place where most people pass by…where most people JUST….pass by.