(written: May 7, 2008)

I realized there are too many sudden joy and fleeting moments but when you look inside yourself you end up asking the same questions. You still don’t know where this road is leading to and where to find the one thing that you wanted the most—Happiness. But you just got used to living in the moment or should I say you got used to saying, I’ll be here for the mean time not realizing that you never really intended to leave. 

This might not be my passion but if I can be good at it, why not give it my best shot right? I just don’t want to lose the passion in me, the passion to write to discover to see and paint the world in my books. Is it wrong to say, I’ll be here for now and then I’ll come back to myself later, when everyone I love is happy, when love is just around the corner and I’ve stopped going around in circles, when it is the right time for it to love me.

I will stay here, wherever I am now. I know where I am so I am not lost. I know when to stay and when to leave…I’ll keep the fire in me burning and my spirit alive.