(written: Mar 5, 2010)

I know I should be thankful. But loyalty to self comes first. When there is no more space to grow and when you stop learning where else can you go? When you ran out of reasons to look forward to another day, do you stay just because there are no other options?

Life does not owe us anything. But if we work hard, pray hard and believe in the magic, the universe conspires to make you understand and to help you get back on track and bring hope so you can dream again.

We never run out of options. Sometimes we just close our eyes and stop looking. Opportunities, miracles and dream-come-true do not present themselves. We work for it-blood and sweat; we wish for it-heart and soul. They do not come to just anyone. They come to those who deserve.

Happy songs and wise mantra do not take out the aching feeling…the longing for that one great change and answers to your what if’s. If we don’t take a step forward, if we don’t start acting now, if we don’t try to love ourselves we’ll always end up lonely, discontented and mediocre.

Loyalty to self comes first. Loyalty to your own learning, happiness and growth. Life does not owe us anything and we don’t owe anything to life. Life just happens. It’s up to us to start living it the best way we can.