(written: Oct 8, 2009)

Should we be thankful when we cross dark alleys because it teaches us to see through the darkness and find our way back to the light?

Should we be thankful for the heavy rain because it teaches us how to survive in the cold and learn how to seek help from others?

Should we be thankful that we meet people who break our hearts because they help us become strong and eventually lead us to finding true love?

At what point are we allowed to vent, curse, and shout to the world that we are tired, that we are alone and our hearts are crushed, all together?

Does the world even allow us to feel this way? Can we have one moment of noise instead of silence to let everything out? Because you are just so tired of being silent and keeping it all inside for the longest time.

We were born free but at the same time brought up to think that we should think about other people’s welfare

…to think of others before yourself

…that sadness and happiness exist in the same world

…that we try to be noble every single day but the world is not always fair to us


How can we truly be free if it’s not always easy to follow one’s heart? If that is the answer to happiness and contentment then why do we try our very best to fight it every single time it gives us an answer?

Why do we think we need to suffer to realize that we are worthy of it.

I need a chance to shout. I need time to let it all out. I need my moment of noise. Now.