(written: September 30, 2006)

I thought my grip in the tub was tight. My eyes suddenly felt tired and weak.  I felt a blaze and everything turned dark and uncertain. I couldn’t remember but I know it was the moment I lost my consciousness and everything blocked out.

I woke up and I tried to recall what happened to me. I started feeling my head and my arms for bruises and blood but there was no hint of anything but the towel wrapped around me.  I swore I just passed out seconds ago in the bathroom and there is no way that I could avoid the door and the washing machine while I was falling on the floor. But there were no bruises or blood.  I just felt tired and weak.

This is one of those moments you will never forget because it was just hard to explain how it happened.  Moments you know that angels exist and miracles are true.  And these moments happen to us every day but we are too busy complaining about the hardships and injustice in the world.

Why don’t we stop and take a look around us sometimes so we could notice how great and how wonderful God’s miracles are.