(written: Apr 28, 2009)

I love the comforting feeling in my heart, the existence of something special—that gut feeling at the pit of your stomach, but this time for something good, for something that forces me to breathe deeply because my heart is finally happy, at last!

My head rests in your shoulder, like every day is going to be another bright Sunday morning at my favorite coffee shop—one hand in my book, the other in my usual hot chocolate drink. Your arms wrapped around mine, like a soft comforting blanket.

Finally, I broke the perfect silence with a sigh…he put down the news paper he was holding and looked at me with concern gaze, “Are you ok? Is it the book again?” and then he smiled. I love how he guesses my actions, the way he mixes concern with a slight joke that sounded very natural.

I put down my book and hugged him, like it was the most natural thing to do at the moment. I said, “I’m just happy.” He smiled that perfect smile again. And for one more time I knew we both knew that we were happy.

I picked up my book and flipped through the last page I read. Somehow I knew that he was staring at me again. But I didn’t look back at him. It wasn’t necessary. He knows that I know.

He combs my hair with his hand and tucked it into my ear to keep away from my eyes. “You won’t be able to see that way, he said.” I said thank you.  He planted a soft and gentle kiss into my head and whispered.

I didn’t hear the words but I knew and felt exactly what he meant. I knew my eyes would betray me. Instead of giving in, I reached for my drink and sipped. I pretended to adjust my eye glasses to catch a few drops of tears that escape my disguise.

I felt happy. I’ve just had another perfect Sunday morning and I knew that deep inside I wanted to wish for it to last forever.