(written: October 13, 2005)

 My recent disgust is the mentality that only men talk about politics. It is so ancient and it is very much evident that such premise is not true at this time anymore or even during the early days.  As much as I wanted to feel sorry for people who think this way, the offense comes first. 

I admit that I am not the best person to talk to when it comes to political issues because I do not want argument.  I am not very influential when it comes to forming opinions because it is my nature to be quiet and to keep my beliefs to myself.  But that doesn’t make me even a bit of a nonsensical individual or woman. 

Being political is inevitable for women because all kinds of politics dwell in the wholeness of our being.  The body of a woman is a political arena, from her brain down to the very tips of her toes; every inch of her is a venue for political consciousness and political upheaval that started from her birth until her death. 

Female infants in Ancient China were killed because they believe that those children would not contribute anything to their society (because they are female!).  And in Africa, India and in other parts of the world, a lot of women (teenagers) specially those from the lower class are sold and pushed into marriage by their own families because it was believed that the only place for women is inside a house built by a man.  Most of the time their fathers even pay (dowry) a man to take their daughters.  Because then, a woman has to be married whether for love or for something else. 
In India, hundreds of women were killed and are being killed due to bride burning.  The perpetrators of these crimes are their own husbands.  Months after being wed and serving as slave to the family of their husbands, wives are burned for not paying the right amount of dowry.  In some cases the husband demands for additional dowry even after the marriage, they could ask for a car, explicitly large amount of cash and other luxuries that put the families of these women into debt.  If the demands were not met, the flames of their husbands’ anger are literally suffered by their bodies.  

In Africa, girls are impregnated at a very young age.  They usually give birth inside their houses, some along the road while travelling back to their homes, and since they rarely receive proper medical attention they suffer from the consequences.  After giving birth, a certain kind of liquid with an undesirable smell was released by the mothers, and since there were no hospitals to take them to or if there were, it would be too far from their houses they remain in that situation and results into giving them a foul smell.  For fear of contaminating others and for the smell, these women are hidden in caves or thrown out of their houses with their children.  Some died and some were saved but who knows the exact number and the degree of their misery.   Most of these women served in barracks and camps in Africa. 

There are still a number of topics that deals with a woman’s mind and body.  A number of topics that I’d rather talk about that than silly politicking in the country.  I don’t care who says what to whom.  I care about my own mind and body and its relation to our society because this is my politics.

I do not want an argument with any of you.  Your argument is yours, my argument is mine.