(written: March 02, 2006)

I am happy that I was born at this time.  Because I never have to experience persuading or begging a man to marry me in order to alleviate my social status.  If I had been born during the time of Elizabeth Benet, I would die as an old maid living in an old shack with my parents from hunger and pride.

Isn’t poverty more bearable than unhappiness and compromising your own ideals and principles?  A lot of times we are deceived by the things that are not as important as intellect, character, spontaneity and manners.  I was once advised by an uncle to try to have a relationship with just the next suitor that will come my way.  He said I wouldn’t find a rich and handsome man at this time considering my status and appearance.  It was of course a joke.  But if you think about it, it was subtle way of saying I’m not beautiful and I shouldn’t wait for a prince to come my way. 

Of course I just smiled.

I wanted to reassure him that it would never happen, because this lady never wanted to marry a Prince.  I don’t really care about wealth or the physical appearance of a person.  It tells little of how a person would be 10 years after the marriage.  It doesn’t guarantee me of happy days and endless laughter.  I am not a princess so I never dreamed of having a prince.

I am ordinary and waiting for someone just as ordinary as me.  Someone I could talk to, laugh with and share my dreams of how the world should be.

(So why won’t an ordinary Mr. Darcy just fly here, where I am. )