(written: Jun 15, 2009)

I need to keep my peace. I need to keep holding my heart firmly and tightly or it would just give me away one of these days.

And I am not like that, I am not the one who goes crazy over this *whatever*. I like having control at things and knowing what to do next. I don’t like contradicting my principles and breaking my own rules. No. Not for a person who can’t assure me of what he feels, not for a person whom I can’t even reconcile if should be the one or not.

My indulgence on a little distraction is distracting me now. And I should stop. Before anyone gets hurt or before anyone gets disappointed.

Nobody in the current situation fits the story I had hoped for.

In my story, the girl never takes off her incandescent smile and my story will not be twisted. It stays that way.