(written: Jun 13, 2008)

At one point you just know when someone is not the right one for you. Is it wrong to keep their hopes up just because we needed someone to talk to today, or just because they are the easiest person to ask for a coffee?

I think it is wrong and I just learned that today. I can’t keep talking to this person if I really don’t feel anything for him.  As much as I just want another friend or person to talk to, it’s just not the same on his part and I knew that but I keep washing my hands that there’s nothing wrong with what I’m doing.   

That’s why I don’t answer when others ask me if I have a boyfriend. It’s awkward, because the moment you answer no, they would take it as a “yes” to something else. I mean why can’t one person be interested with another but just as a friend or companion? Two people can’t just go out on a date just because they’d like to talk.  That even if they did go out to just talk there will always be something in the air that says it’s more than just two people getting coffee.

Women and men are not just made for one another to become wives and husbands, girlfriends and boyfriends. Some people just want to be friends or enemies. Some people just like to be together not for romance, but for something else.