(written: Jul 6, 2008)

Every day, we always try to figure out who we are, what we really want and who we really want to be with.  But every day, instead of finding answers to our endless questions, we find ourselves even more confused, more troubled by the future and by the answers that will soon be discovered.

Every day, I ride the bus with one thing in mind—another day at the office; another day to add into the story of my life, hopefully another day that I will not regret ever having. Hopefully another day that will help me figure out where my life is leading to.

Every day I wait for you to show up, in the middle of the rain, along the busy streets or in the four corners of the elevator. But every day, I find myself waiting again and again not really knowing whom I expect to find and when it will find me.

Every day is a chance to change our lives. Every day is a chance to make the way we live the different from the last day and every other next day.  Every day is a chance to make a choice—whether to stay or go, where life will lead you and whether it’s worth it to continue waiting.