(written: March 07, 2007)

I could never be more proud of what you feel right now. Although it is hard, you did what you had to do and I know in the end there’s nothing but winning in this game.

We always talk about our hung ups and the pain of staying in a job that never made us happy from the start. We always talk about how hesitant we are to leave a job that pays the bills but never justifies our minds. We were trapped, and trapped for different reasons.

I am happy that you have found the freedom that I have longed for from the very first day I stepped into this unknown world. I am happy that the change we needed to start our lives all over again has finally happened to you. 

You said that this is your moment of courage and this is the freedom and happiness you have longed for all this time.  I am proud of you.

Mine is here. I have learned that staying is not weakness and enduring is also courage. What I do doesn’t define me but the other way around.  Like I said we are trapped for different reasons, maybe that’s why we also seek for freedom in different ways.

I would like to see you smile like the way you smiled that day. You deserve that kind of happiness and that kind of relief.

Let’s visit the bookstores that we love.  I know we won’t always bring a book with us when we go out just like what you said but I know we will always bring something far more important—memories and wisdom.