(written: May 7, 2009)

Rain during the summer? This feels like the metaphor of my life. Twists and turns and unexpected things that make me wake up every day with a smile. Because for a change, uncertainties these days are good surprises, like opening a gift and going to candy stores.

I was starting my day with a smile on my face. Life feels perfect as I walk trying to keep myself from hasting. I have never looked at Mondays this way. Looks like the blues turned into yellow—my sunshine yellow, despite the rain.

My phone beeped, telling me that I had a new message. I immediately thought it was you. It felt weird, to wish that it was you and finally see when I lifted it up and read your name.

I laughed. I still have his full name listed in my cell phone. I guess I never changed it because I wanted to always remember how it started. And it felt more real.

The message read, “It’s a rainy Monday. Don’t forget your umbrella on your way.” and then it ended with ;=) *a wink. He knows me too well. He knows I never forget my umbrella or miss the evening news so I couldn’t miss the weather report. That’s what the wink was all about.

But it felt good. I realized that these words felt crazily beautiful inside me. It turned my stomach upside down, but it’s a discomfort that I would have kept with me for the rest of the day if I could.

I replied to his message, short and simple. “Thanks. It hasn’t rained here yet but I got my umbrella as always.”

I actually forgot to bring my umbrella but I was trying not to be too girly.  Although deep inside, I wanted to shout for a rescue and tell him I didn’t bring it so he could come and fetch me.

I held back. I wasn’t a damsel in distress and I won’t be one today just because I found a Knight capable of rescuing me.

The rain started to pour. I braved the way to the building entrance, had my shoes wet and my hair drenched in rain.

It was horrible. But I couldn’t let myself let go of the smile. Because I know this day will have a happily ever after even if my Knight didn’t come to rescue me. Again, I wasn’t a damsel in distress, just another ordinary happy girl under the summer rain.