(written: December 28, 2006)

I have a flaming heart but that doesn’t mean that I have only to love a man.

I am in love with my life and how I live it. I know I am not perfect and this life is not as well.  But I am in love with every breath that I take, knowing that it is a gift from God to wake up each day and see the beauty of life.

I am in love with my passion to write and to work. I know I never had the chance to do exactly what I want to do like most people.  But also unlike most people, I was given a wonderful opportunity to shine and show what else I can do besides the thing that I love. I learned that I am still capable of doing best in a work that I did not love from the start. I am in love with the challenges it has presented me and the new things I am learning.

I am in love with love and the possibility that one day I will find someone who’ll love it even more with me.

I have a flaming heart filled with love, gratitude and joy. That doesn’t mean that all of these will belong only to one man. The flame in my heart belongs to me, to my life and to the freedom of deciding where it shall shine.