(written: January 21, 2007)

There will always be a part in all of us that would think that we are better than the other person.  I guess it’s the evil in all of us. But some people manage to set it aside because there are far more important things to do in the world than feed one’s ego.

I admire people who are great but manage to stay humble and kind—people who don’t show off the boxes of gold, though we know from afar that they have them, people who adapt to anyone because they have a pure heart and clean spirit.  

There aren’t many people like these, for everyone seemed to have their own personal agenda behind all the things that they do. Isn’t this one of the tragic truths in life? Why is it sometimes hard to not be corrupted for your own desires?

Maybe this is one of the reasons why it’s hard for me to trust people because they also find it hard to trust someone else. Maybe we all know about this truth? Maybe we are all afraid of becoming the prey so we chose to survive this way.