(written: May 1, 2011)

Have you ever had one of those moments when you feel like you’ve said something that drove people away? It doesn’t happen to me that often, but it happens more than once. Whenever I talk about…

1. Career: There was one time when I was really pissed at work and needed a shock absorber. I got carried away from talking about all the *shit* at work. It lasted for about a week but then someone had to slap me in the face to bring me back to reality. But the slap I think came in too late. Fine! I get it! Who would want to listen to someone about their cranky antics about work? Guilty as charged! At least you can apply as HR next time so you’ll get paid for listening to cranky employees.

2. Women empowerment: I always thought my principles would be the most attractive thing about me. Even when I don’t mean it, I ended up including it in every part of the conversation. Darn! Did I have to talk about women empowerment when he was just getting me a chair! And I must admit, it hurts to stand for a long time in stilettos! But I just had to be stubborn or ok I admit it arrogant sometimes.

3. Good Manners: I guess I’m a good student! I’ve always had good grades in GMRC and Values Education. So when people ask me during Job Application what position I’m applying for. I answered, “Why are you asking? It’s not proper to ask.” Heck! I’m sure he doesn’t want to know that but just wanted to start a conversation. I’m sure he’s not guy #1 who took my advice and worked for HR! But I just had to be so freakin snobbish! (Slap on the face).

4. Finding the right one: Well I thought they’d always want to know how I see the guy I would want to spend the rest of life with. But this is 100% accurate. Whenever I try to talk about love in my hopeless romantic tone and dreamy eyes, they always seem to run away. Do I sound desperate? Clearly not! I hope not! Or maybe I just sound crazy or impossible.

A guy in the Lifestyle Channel always gives tips on what to not say on first dates. Tough Love was the name of the show. The title is very accurate! Tough, because it’s always hard to keep ‘yourself’ from ‘yourself.’ It’s Tough to always have to be cautious about things that are natural to you. Tough that they’re telling you, you have to be someone else to find Love.

I’d say it’s all SHIT! If staying true, speaking up and being myself are what drives the possibilities of finding ‘The One’ away then it’s never gonna happen. I’ll always care about my career. I’ll always wear my principle like a badge. I’ll always value character and will always be dreamy and hopeful about finding that one true love. If they scare you away, then I won’t be sad knowing you are the one.