It’s nobody’s job to make me happy so at the end of the day i just have to have the courage to wipe my own tears and find a happy place where I can be alone.

I never thought I wanted a simple life. Ever since I graduated I envisioned myself in the middle of a war–war in the media room or in the advertising world-wearing my stilettos and corporate attire. I even fear that world, thinking I might run out of words or ideas if I had to stay too long.

Today, I am craving for it! I am dreaming of a world where things make sense, where ideas turn into realities and words transcend to every human being.

I miss the times when I dream of the real dreams I used to have. I never thought I would dream of a simple life, because I’m too tired living in my world today. I can’t live in a world where minds are crushed into dust and ideas are dictated.

My mind has always been mine and it has always been free to think of things that can change the world for the better. How did I get to this point? How did I get tired of thinking I should do something better with life.