(written: Apr 18, 2008)

Did I say I wanted a time off? How about a time off at the beach—to enjoy the sun, the sand, water and wind? This is what I’ve always wanted, go out and travel on my own.  And I am proud to say that I’ve done it. I took a plane, went on a ferry ride and enjoyed the view on my way to the famous Bora.

I left Bacolod around 6:15 am and boarded Ocean Jet on my way to Iloilo.  It took around an hour and a half to get there by water.  And then I took a cab that would take me to the bus going to Katiklan. And then the long journey started. 

Hmm…I don’t remember all the towns and barangays that I’ve passed by. But from what I can remember, I’ve passed by Dumarao, Passi, Capiz, Altavas, Ibajay, Kalibo and then finally Katiklan—it took around 8 hours I think to get here and pass by places I thought was too far for me to reach—well I thought wrong.

Today, and through this trip I realized that it’s really not impossible to reach your dreams and put your wishes into actions.

I dreamt of traveling alone in an unknown place and I did. The place may not be so unknown but I’m proud to say that I reached it on my own.  I found out that it’s not impossible if you can trust others. I trusted. I trusted all the people that I met on my way here and it felt good.  It felt good to talk to new people, do things that you’ve never done before (the good and harmless ones J )

I thought of enjoying the wind and the sand in the shore while writing an article just like this one, read a good book and listen to good music. I am doing it right now.  I am enjoying it right now. 

I always say that I am not a beach person because I can’t swim and I enjoy mountains and gardens better.  But now that I am here, I guess I am becoming one. I guess I want to be a beach person now. I may not have the swimming skills and the body (LOL) for it.  But I can see and feel that I fit in just about right, just how I want. 
I’ve wanted to go out here and bring my laptop and iPod, but hey not actually the ideal thing to do in a beach right?  But this is my thing. This is what I enjoy and love to do.  I’d rather stay here, lie around and enjoy my music. I guess I really am a writer. I may not be a writer who gets paid but I am a writer at heart who gets more than money from writing what I feel.

I love it and I love doing it here by the beach.  Now all I want right here is a cold drink (I should have bought one before I started writing because now I can’t stop).