(written: June 16, 2005)

You will always be my enemy and my comrade.

You are my enemy.

How I hate it when you look at our home as your kingdom.  It’s not yours alone and not for you to rule.  As far as I’m concerned, we should be equal, because we are all equal, regardless of age, of gender, and of power.

How I hate it when you state everything that you know as a fact.  Not all of them are.  They are your opinions.  And I got mine too.  Give us a chance to let ours out.

How I hate it when you play the role of a king.  And make everything that you say a rule, although we obey them, not because it’s true but because you expect us to.

How I hate it that you’re a man and I am a woman.  And no matter what I do, in this society we will always be enemies.

But you are also my comrade.

My comrade, who helps me get through the many battles in our lives, protecting and fighting for my life.

My comrade, who sees to it that I will never be wounded, and if it happens, ensures me that I will never bear the pain alone.

My comrade who sees the enemies before I do.  And if possible would fight alone just to save my heart from the anguish. 

My comrade, who never possessed the heart of a warrior but that of a protector.

And above all these you are a Father—My dad, my friend, my love.

Thanks for being all that you are to me.  It made me strong and capable.  It made me not only a better daughter for you, but a better person for the world.

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! and I love you!