(written: Apr 18, 2008)

 First, it’s hard to be a woman, a woman in a patriarchal society—and even more to be a single woman in this same society. You are not allowed to show your feelings if you don’t want to look cheap and appear aggressive but you can’t hide it either or people would think you are too insecure and too plain.

Once you turn at this age, everyone thinks that you are just waiting for a man to sweep you off your feet, that when you take time to make yourself presentable to others—you are either looking or trying to keep a man.  Hell, I do it for myself! I do it because I want to feel good and make others think that I can rule the world because sometimes that’s what it takes.

This doesn’t mean that I am a man-hater or too proud to admit that I also need someone.  On the contrary I think my life would be better if I can find that one person, that not so perfect person but just about right. Someone who can respect and adore me the way all women should be.

There is a right time for everything, that’s what I think. Just like this trip.  And in life I think the magic just unfolds at the right time and it waits for the moment when you can already start believing. Most of us ask for it and always try to decipher what’s behind the magic thinking we are wise.

I stare at the sky, the waters and the clouds, these are all beautiful but I don’t know how they got here and how they were made.  But I don’t look at them any less than the beauty they provide the world. 

The world is perfectly made and works perfectly at the same time. Things take place when and where they should be.

The sun is almost setting and I am more than sure that tomorrow it will rise again because I’ve already started believing in its magic long time ago and because I am ready to unfold the magic. So let it come and enchant me!