(written: February 21, 2006)

I hate people who pretend that they are ‘anti.’  Women who exert an effort just to avoid wearing mini skirt and pink not because they don’t want to wear them but because they claim that wearing them means being too girlish therefore looking weak. 

Most of the women I know who wanted to look tough or strong or smart do it the ‘man way.’ They smoke, they drink, and they listen to rock music. Like going with the flow will earn them a reputation of a man—fearless and tough. 

They are imprisoning themselves inside the world of man.  Limiting their choices with the boundaries and standards set by the people who are not like they are.

Don’t tell me you wanted to be free. Don’t tell me you wanted the world to be equal. When all along, all you wanted, is to be like a man.  Because you believe that they are the only ones who are strong and superior.  Because inside your head you are still a slave of the conservative thinking imposed upon you by the old patriarchal society.

Open your eyes.  You are beautiful! You are strong and you are smart!  Not because you can drive fast, not because you can smoke a cigar better than a man, not because you claim that you are not like any other woman in the planet. 

Every woman has her own beauty.  You cannot see it just by looking in the mirror.  It is inside every one of us.  We are beautiful and we are strong just as a woman. You don’t have to pretend that you are a man.