I just realized when you try to forget everything–the worries, the stress, the sadness and the emptiness, you can find yourself happy and contented. It’s not fair to sulk in misery just because you feel tired of waiting for the answers. Maybe if you’re waiting for something as beautiful and wonderful as what you have been praying for, you are really meant to wait this way.

It’s not fair to expect someone to continually shower you with affection just because he makes you happy that way, when deep inside you know that you can’t love someone other than the person you imagined him to be.

Do not ask for something you cannot give in return. Do not ask people to love you if you know you might just hurt them in the end.

These Monday blues will never be over because no matter what we do it will always come to make us feel that the world is changing and evolving. The cure is not someone or something–the cure is just the realization that things are great everyday and you should look at it that way.