I feel silly that I thought of us being on the same page, that every word was meant for each other and it was up for the universe to tell us that we meant every word we said.

I feel alone whenever I think of you when I need someone to comfort me, hold my hands and tell me the world is still pretty amazing. I am not alone. And I should not think of you as someone who belongs to me or I, as someone who belongs to you.

I’ve broken my rules many times in exchange for short intervals of conversations that make me smile. And maybe feeling silly now is the price I have to pay for claiming something that’s not mine in the first place.

There’s one part of my life where I live by the rules and not the exceptions. But somehow when it comes to you, I always end up forgetting the rules. But I remember them now. I remember why they are made and set. They are meant to protect me, to protect my heart and make me realize that something as wonderful as what I’ve prayed for could not feel this way.

Because if it were true, it will not make me wait or guess or feel like everything is a game of hide and seek or pride. I’ve prayed from my heart for this wonderful thing to happen. And I don’t believe that God will answer me with uncertainties or doubt.