Nothing is permanent in life or absolute.

Everything changes and evolves. Within the blink of an eye, what was there can be gone, who was there can leave. And the moment we realize that our whole world crushes and falls down because it caught us unaware, lost, broke, full of regrets, fear and sometimes anger.

Everything flashes back like an old classic movie–but the actors were us and the story was not fiction and the regrets and wish to turn back time are all REAL.

But we can never turn back time, we can never undo what was done or do what was not done because time and regrets are cruel. They can never kill us, worst they keep us living with the thought of having done things in a different way.

Let’s not live with regrets or hopes of turning back time or wish of changing fate. Because it’s true that nothing is permanent and absolute in this world until God, Fate decides.

(All my love, my prayers, my sufferings I offer to God for my Mommy Aba. She’s a mother to me as well in every possible way.Please take care of her.Give us more time to make her happy and to not live with regrets.)