It is raining again…but today it’s expected. Another typhoon to hit the Northern provinces. Hmm…I am mostly worried about the livelihood of the farmers but I also thought of eating hot bowl of chicken noodle soup…maybe if there’s power tonight I’ll put my earphones on and play Soulmate from my iPod…I just got a new book but there’s so much that I still want to buy…Oh and it’s cold and I want to enjoy a cup of hot choco or cappuccino with you…(infinity)

and there’s so much that I want to talk to you about.  I got a million topics in my head–deep, shallow, silly, sad, happy, all sorts of things that I can talk about with all sorts of people but I always find myself wanting to talk all about them with you-just with you.

With you while you’re holding my hand, while we’re on a road trip, while walking in the campus or simply and perfectly while sitting in a coffee shop and you’re comfortably holding my right hand like you’ve known from the very start you’re the only one who should hold my hands this way…and me resting my head in your shoulder but from time to time looks at your eyes when you or I, say something really funny and beautiful or when I’m making a point and you just started making me feel impatient or excited about something…


God I love that feeling! Whenever I feel sort of upset and becomes stubborn when you contradict my opinion or I, yours. You always make my heart leap whenever you hold my hand and I feel that you feel like you did not want to let go of my hand ever.

I am so glad we ended that game. I’m thankful that I decided to stop hiding and you finally had the courage to find me. Isn’t it wonderful, beautiful, a miracle?? Gosh you even make me involuntarily sing while doing mundane tasks.

I love these feelings, I love the security of still finding them in my heart and yours despite walking away from them from time to time to live our own lives. You are the only reason my heart leaps this high, why my mind stops thinking how wrong these turned out because everything is just about right. You are the reason I can believe again that I will be your only reason starting today.

Please come back today and say you’ll never leave.