It’s amazing how you turn all things bright and beautiful about my day into something old and decaying. You make me sick! But I’m glad I can manage my emotion better now. There’s so much that my boiling temper wants to say and do to you but I will not succumb. I will not stoop that low or bow down to the kind of game that you play.

How I long to let you know that you are the only reason I drag myself to work everyday. I dread feeling these worst feelings because I despise them and they tear down my heart. I do not want them to even exist in my system. I do not welcome the negativities you give me. I do not want them or you in my career.

But somehow I am thankful. I consider you as an accident that only made me stronger. Because of you I learned to ask for patience and humility. Because of you I learned to depend on God more, during those difficult times. Because of you I started despising hate in my system.