I was sitting there—in a room full of thousands of people, intoxicated with the music that surrounds me and all I can think about is you holding my hand while the perfect song talks about how we found each other.

Our similarities are comforting—how we like almost the same songs, same movies, same books and same people. Finding you is like finding a piece of me that I somehow lost in my journey. And finally being with you, here, by my side ends all the pain and exhaustion I’ve gone through life. You holding my hand this way, filling up the spaces between my fingers, feel like finally putting all the pieces together—a puzzle completed.

Our conversation proves a great friendship—the one where I can call you my comrade or my enemy. I like that when I fail to prove a point in a discussion I don’t feel defeated. I just feel understood. Like how a friend appreciates all sides of me. I like that I never have to win every argument—that’s what I do with most people, to prove that I am right. With you I just simply speak my mind, no fear of being right or wrong.

So how can you stand there, oblivious of everything? Or pretending not to know everything that existed between the two of us?

What would you do if I stand next to you?

Would you hold my hand, say that you missed me and assure me that today is the start of our great days together?

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