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(written: Dec 13, 2007)

Where do people go when they grow old—to wisdom, to happiness, to a life of contentment? I sure hope so because it’s as sure as breathing that I am growing older not just by the age but also from the experience, responsibility and lessons learned. This does not mean that I am all wizened up or whatever they call it. But I want to hope that something better is waiting for me—a more comfortable life and a happy family.


(written: Dec 13, 2007)

How do you measure the sincerity of the heart, of the min, of friendships and other relationships? Is it through the words they speak or the gestures they show? Do we believe in what we see or do we look deep down in their souls? Is it good to trust someone you don’t really know or is it bad judgment to even give them a chance. Do we succumb to their need for company and desire to laugh or do we doubt that their need for company is greater than the need for friendship? Are we going to offer a shoulder they can cry on or are we just offering a heart they can stab whenever they don’t need you anymore?

It is hard to be in a relationship-friendship or something more than that because you’ll never know when it would end and your heart will never know when to start and end trusting.

(written: Nov 19, 2007)

Urgh!!! I waited today! Yes in a strange and desperate kind of way. I waited for you to come and see me even if I knew you weren’t coming for me nor waiting for me the same way. A bit crazy but I just like seeing you—it brings back the so-cold feeling of having butterflies in your stomach and smiling when there’s no reason at all. Actually I don’t really miss you; it’s the feelings that come along whenever I see you. Because in my mind I think of you as the perfect, sweet, smart guy. But hey, I’ll never know. You could be married with kids and a pregnant wife or you could be boring and nonsense.

But heck, why did you smile at me?! Why did you smile when I decided that you’ll just be another nameless stranger that I see every night? Heck, I like that smile and I like remembering that smile. I don’t know why I waited. Buy maybe I want to know if you’d like to see me smile too. (Keeping this because it’s so darn funny!!!!, Aug 2, 2011)

(written: Nov 7, 2007)

There’s just a light feeling today, the feeling that can make one fly and float. If you’re not true atleast you made me feel light today, something that I have never felt for a long time.

If you’re not true then atleast you made me smile today the way I have never smiled in a long time.

If you’re not true then be it. Atleast I had a moment to smile, feel good and see the dream I thought I lost.

(written: Nov 7, 2007)

“True Love is your heart’s counterpoint in another.” (Wedding Crashers)

Maybe this is true. Maybe days like this really come when you just know that there is something missing in your life. Maybe until that day comes, your heart will always be restless and incomplete and will always be longing for something that would finally put everything in your life in place.

And until that day comes, we’ll just stay as travelers.  Wandering off the road and looking for special places that would finally make everything feel alright.

(written: Nov 7, 2007)

Maybe, love is like a cup of coffee, bitter, sweet, sometimes hot and sometimes cold.  Just like a cup of rich coffee maybe it’s something that you cannot refuse or turn your back on.  And maybe it also runs out but you just find yourself wanting to have more so you ask for another cup.

(written: Nov 7, 2007)

It’s a good thing I’m not an artist or a musician. I always seemed to be running out of inspiration to create something new or maybe misery is my own way of feeding my mind and my heart. Isn’t it pathetic to thrive on misery to enjoy the suffering of the heart? Or to be heartbroken when there really isn’t any relationship that ended?

But…but maybe there is a different sort of that? Maybe when you set your heart out there everyday full of hope and anticipation and ended up not being rejected but just not having a chance at all to feel heartbroken makes it even worse.

(written: Nov 7, 2007)

It’s the bitterness of the coffee and not the sweetness of the sugar

It’s the moment you smell the aroma at night instead of morning

It’s the absurdity of life and not the consistency that makes it exciting and worth living for everyday